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0 2013/08/19

i took part at the “Wacom – Pioneers of Now”-Challenge on behance last week. will probably not win, since there are a lot of good entrys, but at least i had the reason / motivation to work on a personal 3d still.
you can find the behance project here and a lot more images (hi res) after the break.


“Pioneer of now” is a quite intimidating topic.
When I am thinking about the pioneers of my industry, people like Ray Harryhausen, the Nine Old Men, Jim Blinn, Ed Catmull, Paul Debevec or John Lasseter are coming to my mind. People that changed a lot and paved the way for so many great artists, movies and techniques.
And then I see myself, a 25yr old guy, who is doing 3d for around 10yrs (3yrs as professional artist) and have to create a self portrait with this topic in my mind. I had real problems finding the right image. But in the end, I decided to create something honest. Just a guy (compared to “my pioneers”, even just a child) sitting in his room the whole night and doing what he loves, trying to improve and contribute something. Having the chance to earn my money with my biggest passion is a great fortunate, but its also a tough challenge to keep the fire alive. So its even more important to have dreams, curiosity and a thick skin.
I am not (yet) a Ray Harryhausen or Ed Catmull, but I know, that i am “myself” and I know that I am trying to cross (my) borders, even after throwbacks and that is even more important for a pioneer then being well known.

Be your own pioneer!

Pioneers of Now - 'with wings of feathers and glue'DRath_Pioneer_DetailsDRath_Pioneer_Modelcharakter

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