Script: Transfer UVs to a skinned Object

0 0 2015/07/31

Transfering Uvs from an object to a already skinned object is often necessary, but not that confortable in Maya.

Normaly you have to keep the object with the new uvs in the scene, because you can’t delete the history of the rigged object or you delete the history and have to transfer the skinning afterwards. But there is actually an easy solution for this problem, you just need to enable the originShape, transfer the uvs, delete history of the Origin and disable it again. not too complex (will maybe make a tutorial about that), but a pain in the ass if you have to do it for severall objects.
thats why i finally wrote this small script. you just need to select both objects (the one with the new uvs first) run the script und you are done.

uploaded it to creative crash, but will take some time to get approved. for now, you can find it here.

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