Script: ID and Multi matte generator (dr_MM) 1.2

8 0 2015/03/21

After creating the 3D Scene with Models, Shader, Lights & Animation there is often just one thing missing, render elements. Most of them are working straight from Vray, but to create nice and more important, constant Multi Matte elements you have to assign a lot of ids to your objects by hand. To get rid of this painful task, I wrote this small tool set. With the help of this script, you can easily Assign IDs and create Vray Multi Mattes with just a few clicks.

Multi Matte UI
“all” assigns IDs to all Shapes / Materials
“Selected” assigns IDs to selected Shapes / Materials
with “unique”, you can decide if you just want to assign one ID to the Objects/Materials or an unique ID for all Objects / Materials
“Create Multi Matte Element” will create Vray RenderElements for all IDs in the current Scene.

just Place the mel file in your script folder and run it with dr_MM or just add “dr_MM;” to the end of the file and run it straight from the Script Editor

still waiting for the confirmation from creative crash, but in the meantime you can dowload it here.


// Update

the new version (1.3) has now two additional buttons to create the Multi Mattes for Mats and Objects seperatly. New file, old link

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  1. asin 2016/01/01 Antworten

    cool script! thankss!!

  2. Kiernan 2016/08/10 Antworten


  3. Matt 2017/01/18 Antworten

    This is great! Can you add a select by object ID number ? Or some type of manager to see what object ID's are assigned.

  4. Kyle 2017/06/16 Antworten

    Your Script is great. Thanks! Only thing that would make it better would be a button to show or somehow filter out the shaders that already have the object or material ids. Once I apply your script and then make new shaders its hard to find which already have material or object Ids so that I can run your script again, only on the new shaders.

    • daniel 2017/07/10 Antworten

      sounds like a pretty good idea. will add the feature as soon as i am near a workstation with vray (cant take i while, currently abroad and dont have the dongle with me)

  5. stussy 2017/07/25 Antworten

    can not create ID's for group nodes?

  6. Alphonso 2018/10/14 Antworten

    Hi there, yup this post is in fact nice and I have learned lot of things from it regarding blogging.

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