BASSAWARDS – Bronze – “A Thing Called Love”

0 2013/03/11
Dyrdee just recived the Bronze Bassaward for their Channel Ident of Viva called “Thing Called Love”.

“These days every teenager should know how propagation works. But for those who are still clueless we tell the story of birds and bees in a totally different way. Large airplanes turn the laws of physics upside down by acting like small insects, making out heavily with a group of big winged windmills. As the sun sets the technical orgy climaxes in a cloud of metal seeds flying into the sunset.  The footage was shot on a red epic and stuffed with state of the art CG VFX to achieve the stylized retro realism.”

I worked on this project as a freelancer and was responsible for the whole 3d pipline and the on-set vfx supervision. It was a really short and challenging project, around 2 weeks for postproduction, but was a good experience and the work with Jochen Weidner was a pleasure (as usual). He did all the 2d work.

You can see some Breakdowns and Turntables inkl Wireframes here.



full credits:



Director: Ljubisa Djukic, Ole Keune

Producer: Sven Henrichs

Technical Director: Mesut Can

DOP: Christian Pfeil

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3D: Daniel Rath

Compositing: Jochen Weidner

Grading: Stefan King

Sound: Hofkapellmeister


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