I am a freelance 3D artist based in Berlin, Germany. Started with my passion for CGI somewhere around 2005, after graduating from school I studied Digital Film Design at Mediadesign Hochschule (former German Film School) from 2007 to 2011. Finished April 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts. I started working as a freelance 3d Artist in November 2010 in Dublin, Ireland at Screen Scene, where i worked on the VFX for the first Season of “Game of Thrones”. Afterwards worked for several other companies on TVCs, Print or Feature Projects. Now i am specialized in Modeling, Lighting, Shading and Rendering, but i am also comfortable most of the other areas of a CGI production.

Started with photography a few years ago. At first just to capture textures and lighting references, but later discovered my passion for capturing or even “describe” the moment with a good picture.

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