VFX on set DataSheet

the next freebie took longer then planned. i am currently a little bit busy with the planning of  a music video i am going to shot with some friends in 2 weeks.
i am going to write some more about it, inclusive a detailed making of, when the project is done.

for now you can download my Vfx Data sheet. I am using it on set to write down all necessary data for VFX Shots and keep track of the assets, like hdris, i created on set.

i Hope that it will be useful for you and i am open for any suggestions and feedback.

[bra_button text=’Download On Set Data Sheet’ url=’http://crustedink.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/vfx_data_Sheet_DR.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=” color=’grey’]

Vray Set reflectionSamples

here we go with the first free download. a script for Maya and Vray to controll the Reflection Samples.

a lot of people know this problem, the deadline is near, the renderings are slow and the 2d-people are using the whole farm (because they are more important). so first step, reduce the rendertime. and the struggle to keep the balance between noise free and fast is always hard to find with vray. i mean, its odd that increasing some samples can speed up the whole render process. samples like the reflection samples. that’s why i wrote this small script.  when i am setting up my materials, i am often just using the default samples and then tweak it for the final scene. so all this small script does  is changing the amount of reflectionSamples for multiple vray Materials depending on the glossiness.

you can download it here or visit creative crash for some more information.

will post a small tutorial/ collection of informations about sampling in vray soon. stay alert