“Last Days on Mars” Before & After VFX

0 2013/11/28

the cinema release of “last days on mars” is coming closer and closer. its allready available on demand, but will hit the cinemas in the US at 6 of december. Probably have to wait to see it here in Germany, but i will wait, because is the first time to read my name on the big screen ;)

Project was really cool and the Team at Screen Scene was even better.

I was responsible for the Modelling, Texturing and Shading of the Rover (also did the lighting on a few shots)

Breakdown Animations are taken from Ed Bruce

you can find a few more at Eds Website

Thanks to everyone, specially
Sarah Mooney (Best Producer in the world!), Ed Bruce, Wayne Robson, John O’Connell, Garloff Langenbeck, Giacomo Cavaletti, Martin Naydenski, Yanko Slavov, Glen Southern, Ben Klimmek, Adam McInnes

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