new website is online

0 2013/02/11

most important thing “Hello World!”, i realy start to hate this phrase, but its a tradition (way older then i am) and we have to take care of it.

probably a little bit early for the first post, but it will maybe help myself to post more often. so thats the new site, portfolio, my own small digital realm. and it will take some time till this side is done, most important step is a new reel, but anyway… there will be more content soon.

the plan for the blog:

  • information about  my work
  • software reviews
  • other interesting cgi-related stuff like short films, news or showreels
  • freebies! 1 thing every month (hopefully). so things like small tutorials, free hdrs, free models and so on, we will see


so in short, a place to share some my knowledge and help some people.. probaly the most important thing in this cruel buisness. thats at least the plan and i will force myself to fulfill it!




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