Naughty Dog’s Texturing for Uncharted 4 in Substance Designer

For a few month, i have the urge to spend again more time with Substance Designer. This video is a great motivation to do so. Still not sure if Substance or Houdini is higher on my priority list but.. anyway…time to go procedural!


Review – 3DTotal’s anatomical male figure

a few weeks ago, i moved to a new flat with a nice home office. The good thing is that i have finally enough space, but..this space is almost empty. that's why i was looking for some "inspiring" stuff to place around me. i started looking for a nice anatomical full body figure as a reference. i mean, when you are working on a humanoid character, its always perfect to check the muscle and the structure of a "real", working human. But, that problem with Anatomical Models is, that they are bloody expensive and when you buy a cheap, you will get something to small or even wrong anatomy. after that point, i was totally demotivated, was just to much money (probably worth it) was a planned move to a new flat, and buying are more or less accurate model is just stupid.

Siggraph 2013 Tech Preview

seams like a lot of good papers at the next Siggraph, especially the Hair-Stuff looks impressiv..